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Our Approach to Sustainable Building

Since 2002, Made Sustainable has been providing both design services and independent consulting services to Architects, Engineering Teams, and Property Owners. We specialize in material research and applications, architecture and urban design, and product design. We are a small network of licensed Architects and industrial designers who work with local project specific teams located in Prague, Czech Republic; Vancouver, Canada; Washington D.C., USA; and Atlanta, GA, USA.

Specifically, Made Sustainable has been providing sustainable design and consulting services since our inception in 2002. We have provided LEED® specific services since our Director's certification in 2006, based both in Prague and Washington D.C. While all of our projects address sustainability, it has been only in the past two or three years where we have seen our Clients begin to address environmental sustainability as a prerequisite for most projects. The recent surge in interest of large scale developers and property owners in setting their projects apart from the competition through commitment to the environment and LEED® certification both excites us and offers a look to how our services will expand in the future.

From projects as small as several hundred square meter renovations and restorations to multi-million square meter urban development schemes, we have come to value the fundamental elements of sustainability that provide our clients with buildings with heightened indoor air quality, efficient and durable building systems, low energy consumption and maintenance costs, and higher long term value.

Through applying our wide background and experience in materials and construction practises, to contemporary design and planning situations, we will continue to offer our Clients an ever-expanding scope of services, ensuring that as their projects continue to develop their quality; and satisfaction will grow with time.

Cory W. Benson, AIA, LEED AP

made sustainable is an independent international sustainability consulting firm, providing services to Design and Real Estate professionals since 2002. environmental approach to project design development and realization

Four Phases of Services

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