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Q5 Waltrovka Masterplan

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Project Date: 2/2009

Project Role: Masterplan and sustainability Architect; Planning and Design phases

Project Description: Complete mixed-use city district redevelopment; Ongoing project including: goal of individual-building LEED certifications throughout; compact mixed-use redevelopment of a brownfield retired industrial site adjacent to the city center and metro; reconstructed walkable street network designed to maximize potential to preserve and modernize historic buildings; adjacent connections to city public transit network of urban railway, metro, and bus lines; located at a planned city bypass motorway; focused around a large central park linking two naturally wooded urban areas; expansion of the recreational cycle and foot path network; minimized parking allowance, to be primarily located in below grade structured decks; commitment to sustainably designed individual buildings; extensive and intensive green roofs combined with onsite rooftop solar energy generation; high-efficiency district heating network; separated district stormwater collection and attenuation system.

Next Project: Bubny Masterplan

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