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Services: The Operations Phase

Once construction has been completed, the Operations Phase begins and continues for the life of the building. During this longest stage of a project cycle, it is of great importance that key operations and maintenance criteria are monitored and track to ensure that the building performs as it was designed, that it is operated as efficiently as possible, and that ongoing management enables it to continue to perform at the highest level.

Our services here are focused of monitoring and tracking energy use and operations to maximize its efficiency of use:

Steps to Other Phases


Our distinction of this phase of service generally coincides with the typical project development timeline as used within the a) Czech norm, b) RIBA Plan of Work, or c) AIA Best Practices, including as follows: a) Occupancy; b) Stage L / 7 – Post Practical Completion / In-Use; c) Closeout and Post-Occupancy Evaluation Phases

made sustainable is an independent international sustainability consulting firm, providing services to Design and Real Estate professionals since 2002. better awareness of operations to optimze the managment of existing buildings


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